With its share prices having experienced significant yearly gains as of late, Salesforce has seen itself become the number one software for customer relationship management. From Fortune 500 companies to eager startups with big dreams, businesses worldwide are using Salesforce and loving it.

But what is Salesforce exactly, and what can it do for you?

Increase client renewal rates.
It’s much easier to sell a new product or service to a preexisting client than it is to go out and find somebody you’ve never dealt with before. Cold outreach has a relatively low success rate, no matter how skilled your salespeople are. With a customer relationship management software at your disposal, all relevant data is stored in one, easy to maintain place. Because of this, you will become aware of any upsell, cross-sell, or renewal opportunities that exist within your preexisting pool of clientele, generating a 25% uptick in revenue. All without leaving the software.

Connect all of your employees together in one place.
Salesforce houses all the departments of your business—marketing, sales, service, etc.—under one roof, making things much easier for you to manage. This connectivity optimizes workflow and improves employee productivity rates. Lessen your employees’ frustrations, and you’ll begin to notice an increase in their outputs.

With only one interface, it’s much easier to keep track of how your employees are interacting with customers.
Without a customer relationship management software, it’s almost impossible to know when an employee is struggling with a client. And when you don’t know about a problem, it’s impossible to fix it. Having all of your departments located in one, central location makes it a breeze to check in on what everybody’s doing periodically and spot minor issues before they develop into something greater.

Build and cultivate deep, meaningful relationships with customers that will last a lifetime.
Sales is all about relationships, and without them, your business is doomed. Having a customer relationship management system helps you and your employees keep track of customers and their unique, individual needs. This leads to a much greater customer retention rate.

Without a customer relationship management system in place, over 75% of leads fail to convert into sales.
You have valuable team members across departments at your disposable that can use their skill set and expertise to turn leads into sales, adding real, tangible dollars to your bottom line. When you don’t have a customer relationship management software in place, however, potential customers aren’t always put into contact with the right people, and move on from your company without ever realizing how much you have to offer. In the modern world, it’s crucial to take advantage of customer relationship software. With one-third of all CRM users utilizing Salesforce, there’s no wonder it’s the most trusted one on the market. Take your business to the next level and reach out to Ascend Salesforce Consulting for a free Discovery Call. We would love to chat.