Over the last few years, Salesforce has risen to become one of the most widely known, prominent companies in the world, helping their clients across the globe improve their organizational operations and workflow. And through Salesforce Sites, they’ve changed the game again, reshaping the ways you can present information and interact with their customers in new and exciting ways by streamlining your processes into one centralized location.

The next step to optimizing your organizational and professional workflow starts by taking advantage of Sites to build out your company’s website and other applications.

Easily store and share information

Salesforce Sites enables its users to create, expand, and directly integrate your website and applications with the rest of your Salesforce organization, allowing you to expose and share as much or as little information as you’d like with your customers and employees. Any information that’s stored in your greater organization, can easily be moved and shared with customers across the websites and applications you’ve created. This integration will save you countless hours of time and associate your business with reliability and consistency in the minds of your customer base. Not to mention – all of the time you save by not having to copy and paste information across various platforms.

Seamlessly integrate your mission statement through page branding and custom URLs

Like many other website builders on the market, Sites allow users to create a custom domain name that fits your organization and its goals. But where it really separates itself from the competition is through its site page customization. Through this customization, you’ll immerse new clients into your brand and allow them to get an honest feel for your culture. It’s a great way to rapidly increase your conversion and retention rates, all while making your website and applications something to be proud of.

Cater to your specific business needs and goals through Sites unparalleled usability

Perhaps the best part about Salesforce Sites is its extreme versatility and malleable functionality. The possibilities are virtually endless with what you can do with it once you get going with your site. Here are a few common ways people are currently using their Salesforce Sites:

  • Recruiting website
  • Store locator tool
  • Product catalogue
  • Support FAQ
  • Community forum

What you choose to do with your Salesforce Site depends entirely on what type of business you’re running and its unique goals. Think of it like a multi-functional tool that separates you from your competition.  

Making Sites work for you

Perhaps you’re launching a complicated software in the near future and want to have a support FAQ section ready on your website. Maybe you just want a place for your customers and clients to be able to come together and form a community. Either way, Salesforce Sites puts the tools in your hands to execute your preexisting goals. Just like your business, there’s always room to grow and push onwards.