How the Salesforce CRM Platform Can Improve Sales

Customer relationship management can help your business or organization identify and interact with customers and help you build and cultivate long lasting relationships.

Utilizing a CRM platform allows you to incorporate data and measurable metrics to both streamline and personalize the relationships you’ve worked so hard to build.

What is a CRM system?

Any business or organization that involves customers uses a CRM system. A CRM organizes everything your company does to interact and optimize consumer relationships. CRM systems can range from very complicated to mundanely simple.

They fill the gaps between hand-written notes and a powerful platform that can streamline your entire sales process. Additionally, platforms can automate your workflows and provide analytical insights into your organization. In this way, staying informed allows you to make data-based decisions that’ll drive growth and customer loyalty.

What is a CRM platform capable of?

Any business or organization that has plans or the desire to grow should absolutely make use of a CRM platform. Implementing a CRM platform is a necessary investment in customer satisfaction and retention.

CRM platforms can help you in a multitude of ways. Some of its most common implementations are as follows:

  • Forecast sales so you can always be prepared
  • Monitor customer service satisfaction and pinpoint ways you can improve
  • Leverage popular events to widen your reach on social media and expand branding
  • Optimize the customer journey as potential prospects enter and navigate your sales funnels and pipeline
  • Reach customers through several marketing channels
  • Fine-tune your products and packaging to create a better customer experience
  • Collect data from all the devices and platforms your customers use
  • Save time by automating tasks and workflows
  • Harvest and interpret data to share throughout your organization

By utilizing all your platform’s tools and functionalities, you maximize your organization’s potential and leverage pre-existing customer relationships.

How can CRM platforms help you and your business?

When you add marketing and sales costs together, you typically have a third (or even more) of a company’s running expenses. Tracking cashflow is important no matter which stage of business you are in.

More often than not, steep company costs are due to wasted time, repetitive administrative tasks, lost leads, and hours spent searching through data. The Salesforce CRM platform offers a one-stop shop to alleviate all of the above pain points.

Looking at an overall view of companies around the world who have adopted CRM applications and platforms, 37% have seen an increase in sales, 44% an increase in sales productivity, and a 48% improvement in forecast accuracy. The best time to save money is anytime. Call us for a free discovery call to explore Salesforce options for your business. We’d love to chat!