Global leader in SaaS and CRM, Inc. (NYSE: CRM) has recently come to a definitive agreement with enterprise communications giant Slack Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: WORK) to acquire the company in a deal with an approximated value of $27.7 billion dollars.

Former shareholders of Slack Technologies will receive a cash payout of $26.79 each and 0.0776 shares of Salesforce stock for each Slack share they held prior to the acquisition. This historical deal has wide, sweeping ramifications throughout the world of software and business tech, with implications that’ll shape the global workplace through the coming years.

Integration for the consumer

Merging Slack with Salesforce’s previously existing Customer 360 software will transform consumer experience irrespective of industry, paving the way forward towards a new normal of work and productivity.

Two main apps will connect the companies moving forward, both integrated with each other to serve the consumer. Some of their core functionalities are as follows:

Salesforce app for Slack

  • Available in the Slack App Directory
  • Search and preview Salesforce records
  • Put relevant alerts in appropriate channels

Slack app for Salesforce

  • Available in Salesforce AppExchange
  • Set up alerts to your Slack channels
  • Send Salesforce records to Slack

According to Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield (who will continue to lead Slack as an operating unit of Salesforce), the preexisting Salesforce platform will mesh seamlessly with Slack, that the two companies are a match made in heaven.

Through deep integration throughout the entirety of the Salesforce Cloud, entire organizations will be housed and connected under one succinct, unified platform.

Amplified global operations

Prior to the acquisition, Slack was used in academic institutions, organizations, non-profits, and governments in more than 150 countries across several continents. Combining their technologies and reach with the world’s number one CRM platform will change the global workplace and communication landscape.

High-value, actionable data and increased collaboration opportunities between employees, individualized teams, and external partners (vendors, customers, etc.) will change the day-to-day workflow throughout the global workforce.

Business-tech innovation

Both companies have been built upon innovation and a constant dedication to pushing industries and the workplace environment forward through integration into the burgeoning all-digital world.

By sharing their resources and global networks, Salesforce and Slack will come together as one to create the most extensive, thorough digital ecosystem of apps, business technology, and SaaS options for the next generation of developers and business owners.

Going forward, development teams throughout both companies will be able to collaborate and join forces to create burgeoning, innovative pieces of tech and software through their shared resources.

Nearly everything points towards whole of this acquisition being far greater than a sum of its individual parts. Two industry leading organizations coming together as one is a great thing for the consumers, offering increased functionality and cross-software usability housed under one roof designed to best serve you, the consumer.