A new year provides business owners with a unique opportunity. It’s the perfect time to define new goals, refine processes, and push onwards. For many business organizations across the world, Salesforce will be at the heart of these decisions, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the new update and its capabilities before moving forward into 2021.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on two of the most popular developments that will be beneficial to organizations irrespective of industry: work.com and Customer 360 Truth. But the new release doesn’t end there. With over 24 unique and innovative developmental focuses, there’s value for every business in the Winter ’21 Release.


Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the Winter ’21 Release is the increased functionality and usability of work.com. Three major developments have reshaped how the site works and can help your business: queue management, broadcast messaging, and digital trust cards.

Of the three, queue management appears to be the most timely. It’s primary function is to mitigate lines in physical, brick-and-mortar businesses by creating a sort of virtual queue based on a system of reservations and SMS notifications. This works rather simply: customers put in their information, wait a bit, and upon receiving a notification they head inside and take care of their business.

This will help countless businesses in the short-run (allowing many to continue to operate during strict COVID governmental regulations), and will continue to improve customer experiences and your organizational workflow long after this global pandemic subsides.

Customer 360 Truth

The Customer 360 Truth suite is broken up into two major subgroups: Audiences and the Data Manager. Both have seen major upgrades in the Winter ’21 Release, and both work behind safe and secure multi-factor authentication software.

Customer 360 Audiences is a tool that takes your customers data and allows you to manage, segment, and activate it in a way that drives forward both personalization and customer engagement.

Through a series of highly-actionable tools and software solutions, you get a clear view of everything you’re working with to make informed decisions moving forward.

The Data Manager, on the other hand, serves your business organization by connecting together all of your data (Salesforce-related or not) under one roof and managing it there securely, providing you both convenience and an ongoing peace of mind.

Updated content and ease of integration

Implementing new software, processes, and applications is rarely easy, but Salesforce has done a lot of work in the new year towards bridging that gap and making things easy on business owners.

For anyone looking for a break-down of the new update, check out Release Notes. It’s an invaluable tool and resource when looking to integrate the Winter ’21 Release into your business organization. It goes into great detail on each new development through in-depth articles and instructional videos (English-language only at the moment).

Additionally, content all across the Salesforce website has been updated and improved upon heading into 2021, with a recently updated and efficiently streamlined Help and FAQs section spearheading the change.