Salesforce isn’t the only CRM platform available on the market today, it’s just the industry leader, largest and most robust. Hubspot and Zoho both provide popular competitive options, but tend to fade in comparison when you dive deeply into the logistical details and power that a high-level CRM can provide your business organization.

Hubspot offers a complete, functional CRM platform that can work for many businesses, while Salesforce focuses on the how.It works in a highly customizable way to serve you and your specific business rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

This allows the platform to stay malleable with consistent innovations that allow you to pivot your organizational direction at a moment’s notice. Your Salesforce experience will likely be completely different than that of another business owner operating in an unrelated industry.

Zoho, on the other hand, provides a low-cost option to business owners looking to implement a CRM platform into their organization. It’s not nearly as customizable, robust, or as easy to use as Salesforce or even Hubspot, but it doesn’t claim to be either. For many small business owners, it’s better than nothing, but can’t really be compared to the bigger, more thorough CRMs available.

Comprehensive, Customizable, and Saves You Time

Salesforce is universally regarded as the most customizable and comprehensive CRM platform available. They have an app or service for nearly every part of your preexisting business while also providing you with the opportunity to expand in any way you see fit. Whatever you want out of your business organization, Salesforce has the tools to help you get there.

At Ascend Salesforce Consulting, we’ve performed countless implementations, integrations with 3rd party software, and streamlined sales flows. With Salesforce as your choice CRM, you’ll get the ability to expand in a nearly infinite amount of directions, while saving time in crucial areas of your business. Call us or send a message to set up a free discovery call today!