Though it’s still early in 2021, Ascend Salesforce Consulting has already completed several interesting projects for their clients. Due to the nature of Salesforce and CRMs, they’ve worked across a wide range of industries and found innovative solutions to many complex problems that business organizations face worldwide.

Jordan, CTO of Ascend Salesforce Consulting, solved a particularly complex problem that had a significant effect on a firm’s cost-savings. It focused on Shopify-related logistics and using its integration to better serve client relations and order fulfillment. The custom software ended up saving the client a substantial amount of money annually.

“[The project] was built around] integration with Shopify to sync products and orders [together],” Jordan said. “This integration created an app in Shopify [that] was able to pull various products out of Salesforce. [Which] then allowed the users to add products [directly] to their Shopify store [and sell them there directly]. If a sale was made on [one of their] products, the Shopify app was able to update Salesforce with a new order, so that the client could fulfill the order there directly.”

Through the Shopify app that Jordan and the Ascend team implemented, they were able to replace another app in the Salesforce AppExchange that was costing the client around $6,000 per year. It was also able to be seamlessly integrated with Stripe, Qualpay, and NMI payment processors to update credit card information, create single charges, and streamline recurring bills.

Josh, a software developer at Ascend Salesforce Consulting, spoke about a particular industry when asked about the types of projects he enjoys working on.

“I really enjoying working with the freight industry,” he said. “These projects [allow me to] learn a lot about the trucking industry and the logistics behind it. Growing up, I had an interest in big trucks. That interest [has] made my work [in the industry] all the more fun and engaging.”

Due to the wide range of Salesforce applications, Josh went on to talk about the critical importance of having domain knowledge that’s specific to whatever space and industry your client works within.

“[Domain knowledge] makes it so that you can understand their needs and the best way to implement them,” he said. “[Personally], this made working with a trucking & logistics company enjoyable [because] I got to learn more about an industry that I’ve always had an interest in, and in turn [helped me] deliver a great product to the client.”

The team at Ascend Salesforce Consulting excels at finding innovative, forward-thinking solutions to help your company better serve its customers. They’ve worked with over 15 different industries and have tremendous vision for the future. Danielle, CEO of Ascend added, “Our developers enjoy challenges and breaking down problems [into smaller] pieces. One of our [favorite sayings] in team meetings is how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”