All successful business organizations have at least one thing in common: an unrelenting dedication to customer satisfaction (CSAT) at the highest level. Oftentimes, business owners have their customers service teams obsess over getting the highest possible CSAT score.

But, in the modern world, this isn’t the most effective way to go about improving customer relations. By setting intelligent, attainable customer service goals, you’re giving your business organization the best possible chance of success. It sheds light on the previously ambiguous while giving you a concrete platform to build upon.

Create specific, actionable customer service goals

The more specific a goal is, the more likely you are to actually go through and achieve. But specificity isn’t enough, the goal also has to be actionable and realistic to achieve. Business and customer services goals work in the same way.

It’s easy to say that you want to improve your businesses customer service relations—what business wouldn’t?—but what really matters is the how. How are you going to go about making the goals you set reality?

To do this, you need to make your goals a series of steps rather than a broad abstraction. The first step is often figuring out which area you’re currently lacking in. Once you find the problem, you can move onto the solution.

Perhaps your business organization is struggling to troubleshoot technical issues with your customers. The solution to a problem like this could be as simple as having your employees speak in a simpler language to customers.

Use the V2MOM model to create a goal-achieving roadmap

Back when Salesforce was still in its infancy, CEO Marc Benioff created a model that would forever shape his company and allow it to surge past its competitors in modern history. He called this organizational plan the V2MOM model.

Though it might sound complex by its acronym, the V2MOM model is actually rather simple. It consists of five separate parts, listed in order as follows:

  1. Vision – What do you want?
  2. Values – What makes that important?
  3. Methods – How do you get it?
  4. Obstacles – What might stand in your way?
  5. Measure – How will you know you have it?

Having every department and employee create a yearly V2MOM plan helps connect your wider business organization and allow them all to work as a unit to make your customer service goals come to frutition.

This interconnectivity creates a sort of roadmap that your employees can follow while remaining able to monitor their individual progress along the way. They’ll be able to “check off” the steps they’ve already completely, so to speak, and then begin working on whatever comes next.

Revisit and revise your customer service goals regularly

Another thing to keep in mind when creating or implementing V2MOM plans is that it’s important to stay malleable and be willing to pivot in a new direction should new information arrive.

True leaders don’t get married to their original plan no matter how good it seemed when they first created it. No, they keep their eyes wide open and ears to the ground, constantly looking for new information that might their goal setting strategy and V2MOM plan moving forward.