CREATING content is only one aspect of your business. The INTERPRETATION of that content and data is the other crucial aspect.

Generating leads for your business is one step, but more importantly, knowing where those leads came from is what will benefit your business in the long run. Automated lead generation is great, as long as there is a human on the other end interpreting and analyzing all of the incoming data.

Ideally, the right marketing architect for your business will be savvy with landing pages, A/B testing, SEO, Google AdWords, and content creation. However, CREATING content is only one aspect of your business. The INTERPRETATION of that data is the other crucial aspect, and it’s what separates good marketers, from great marketers. It’s what takes six-figure businesses to seven-figure businesses.

In the past, our marketing efforts were reinforced by the number of people who would walk into our brick-and-mortar shops. We were able to have face-to-face conversations and ask questions. This new age of digital marketing has forced us to listen to our customers in a different way: through likes, shares, and comments. A great marketer will be able to digitally listen to your customers and adapt your products and services to their needs. A company’s marketing budget can sometimes feel like a bank account where you make deposits but never see a return on your investment. It just disappears. That’s not how marketing should feel, nor work. Unfortunately, that is often the case when the feedback and data is ignored, or not properly interpreted. The healthy perspective of a marketer will see every piece of data as useful and communicating something.

Just the simple change of a picture or different wording can make the difference between 100 or 1000 clicks on your ad. One simple marketing strategy is to start out with a conservative budget. Have multiple landing pages, and perform testing, testing, and more testing. Listen to your customers, and once you find the perfect mix of what they desire, then distribute all of your resources in that direction. Effective marketing requires constant change and adaptation. Seek out a marketer who can not only CREATE content, but INTERPRET that content.